The ship rocked over the coursing tide, the frame of the heavy beast playing up the waves as it slowly rolled to shore. The dawn light struggled to pierce through the heavy drapery that hung over dirty windows obscuring the outside world from what was happening below...Floorboards creaked with hasty steps, dust swirling in the wakes of the passerby's. Trays laden with grapes and wine were balanced by the scullery maids as they weaved their course through the sleeping deck hands whose boots were propped on the nearby kegs, mugs suspended in the air as their drool pooled at the necks of their scruffy shirts. Somewhere a rat squealed in its junket of breakfast. 

  Before the sun would fully rise the dock would spill scurrying passengers, the front of the boat house would be encumbered by barrels and crates, its labels wearing...worked raw by the age and the mists of the seas. Horizons would be obscured by iron clad, and those in rags alike...as they'd mingle in their preliminaries, thrusting hands in greeting and in command.

  This is not the first time their shoes would strike dry earth, toes sinking in the mud of the recent rains. A parchment would be laid out in the command room, its edges fraying...handwritings covering its frames. Lines would be drawn through towns, deeming them unnecessary of their visits, but a few would be circled and dotted through...pointing out different structures and roads. And slowly...a plan would hitch in place.

Thirst of coin.....



  Winds would caress dry lips of the few on the caravan headed North. A flask would be passed around, coating their pouts in a much needed respite. The one seated above the rest would aid in pulling on the reigns. A slow curling smoke would escape from the hooded mouth, a pipe dangling from lips as they'd part in utterance:


  The horse would jerk, spurring its hind legs as the last rays of the dying sun would glint off the redbrick rooftops, lighting the town aflame.
A gate loomed into view.

They have arrived....

Kinship News

Welcome Crew.

by KhallidaHester, 345 days ago

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